Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PTC with low minimum payout


I just got payment from this PTCsite. This is one of PTC with LOW minimum payout, only $0.02 with paypal। Not only for first payment, but for 2nd, 3rd, 4th॥ and more.But, If use alertpay we must have $ 1.5 to get payment from this site.Payment sent within 7 day. Ads in this site start from 4 until 9 ads every day, with $0.002 - $0.005 per click. Check within hours again after you click all ads, it because I ussually got new ads again, not must wait 24 hours to click new ads to get paid.

We can get paid with this activity:

# Paid To Click
# Paid To Read Emails
# Paid To Read Ads
# Paid To Sign Up
# Free Click Exchange
# 5% Referral Earnings

If you interest, you can join HERE


Monday, July 6, 2009

Payment from Ezihippo


This is my payment from one of social networking, just like facebook. If you are Facebook member, will be very familiar with this site, although initially need little adaptation necessary. Hehe .. one of my friend even called this site 'facebookdollar'. Why, because ezihippo is facebook who pay members, including me.
Activities that can be done to get the extra point in ezihippo :
1. Send greeting to the member online
2. Send gift, send comments on the profile, share images, video, music, blog
3. Give ratings in a profile, share images, music, video. Do not be stingy for 4 or 5 stars, because the same fate
4. Reviews blog. Blog what's up, write as much as possible, unlimited.
5. Post in the forum or group.
6. Spload photos or profile in the image can also share. Upload video, music
7. Create a poll
8. Create a quiz, put the right answers at the correct answer yes, and other answers as alternative place below, will be random later by the ezi. Answer quiz can also point.
9. Write a review, like in Ciao

The minimum payout is $ 10, and paid every 15th of each month. But there are many members who paid before reaching that number. Earning updates every 24 hours. Sign up bonus on this site is $ 3. If we already have $ 10 before the 15th, we have to wait so patiently. Hehe .. paid automatically, without request, can be a paypal or alertpay. If you interest, you can, join HERE , and can begin to socialize to get dollar. Read More...


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